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Conway Communications is a full service public relations agency that provides strategic counsel, media relations, advice and management on online media strategies, product/service promotion and awareness campaigns. For Us.... It’s Personal!

Brand Publicity, Product Launches & Promotion

The media is a busy and cluttered world with thousands of brands and products looking for attention and positive endorsement. We devise specific creative platforms for brands and campaigns that get that sought after cut-through with media to help build awareness of your products on a national scale.

Awareness Campaigns

With the fragmentation of the media landscape reaching your specific target audience needs to be strategic and considered. This is how we approach all campaigns. The messages delivered, the timing, the positioning and the reach all need to be well-thought out and measured for maximum impact before the campaign even begins.

Event Management & Promotion

From festivals, to awards events, to product launch parties, to media briefings we can assist in coordinating the event, building awareness around its message and getting the right people to attend it.

Sponsorship Management

Associating your brand/organisation with the right initiative can be one of the most effective promotional tools for an organisation when it’s the right fit and when combined with a supporting creative promotional campaign. We can find it and maximise it for you!

Influencer Engagement

Peer endorsements and recommendations have become increasingly more powerful for services and products. The right endorsement from the right person can amplify product, service and organisation awareness to your specific target audience. Getting to the right people in the right way will incrementally positively impact on the success of your campaign.

Digital PR ; Social Media & Online Media & Blogger Engagement & Video Production & Online Advertising

The move to mobile and online has already happened. You need to be there. You need to create the right content to engage with and maximise your impact across online and mobile. We devise, build and promote successful and cost effective campaigns specifically for the online audience incorporating social media, online media, content production and promotion.