Why Pursue Anything Less Than Gold?

L’OR was born in France with the ambition to bring you the very best coffee in the world. Sophisticated, alluring and delivering pure unapologetic gold standard coffee pleasure, it now brings you the first aluminium capsules designed to fit Nespresso®* machines that are available in supermarkets. Whether it’s a carefully-considered RISTRETTO with its expressive and fresh persona, the spicy and intense notes of LUNGO PROFONDO with hints of roasted almonds, an untameable SUPREMO with complex hints of dark chocolate, oak and hazelnuts, a fiery FORZA with a well-constructed complexity of oak and liquorice or a subtle SPLENDENTE, with its nutty tones and a zesty citrus finish there is a variety of L’OR to allure you into the world of L’OR. It was launched earlier this year with a L’OR inspired tasting experience hosted by the charismatic and captivating Clodagh McKenna.